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These simple metal spikes are weighted to fly true and sting their prey with a flick of the wrist.

A dart is the lighter version of the javelin. It is a ranged weapon which deals 2-4 (average 3) points of damage when thrown and has a strength requirement of 10.

You begin the game with 15 darts and no more will be found in the dungeon. Their damage is rather low, but they are very useful for finishing off fleeing monkeys, for enemies that always keep their distance, or for popping pesky bloats before they get close.

Either darts or javelins can be wielded as a melee weapon in a pinch. There also exist incendiary darts, which set their target on fire when hit. Found darts and javelins will always be of the ordinary, non-magical variety.

Efficient dart usage is essential to the survival of your adventurer until you find a substitute such as a staff of firebolt or lightning, or some javelins. Javelins, which are heavier and more deadly, make excellent replacements for a depleted dart supply. Darts are often used to trigger traps from afar, and are your best bet if you're not certain of getting the item back.

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