dar priestess 
Health 20
Defense 60
Accuracy 100
Damage 2-5
Regen delay 20
Movement delay 100
Attack delay 100
Attack pattern Normal (sword)
Behavior Maintains distance
Carries an item 25% chance
Ability Cast heal
Cast spark
Cast haste
Cast negation
Monster Class Dar
Typical Starting Depth 15 (with blademasters)
The dar priestess carries a host of religious relics that jangle as she walks.

A dar priestess poses little threat to you in and of herself, which is why she almost never appears alone, but instead with a pack of dar blademasters and perhaps a dar battlemage too. With companions at her side, she transforms into a valuable asset of the enemy force and a priority target if you can reach her. Left alive, she will heal and haste her allies while at the same time negating your party (which is exactly as bad as it sounds).

Deeper in the dungeon, it's not uncommon to find a priestess with pink jellies as companions (which is so much worse than it sounds)

The dar priestess will sometimes carry an item.

Tactics against Edit

  • Because she can cast negation, do not levitate over or wade into lava (if immune to fire).
  • Using negation against her is nearly as effective as killing her as it will remove her only noteworthy ability, her spell casting.
  • Because of her general frailty, she's a good target for damaging staves and thrown weapons.
  • Like most other enemies that try to maintain distance, luring her to a door or staircase is also effective.
  • Use invisibility to sneak up and kill her before the battle even begins.
  • Use descent or teleportation to separate her from her companions.

As an ally Edit

Because of her array of spells, the dar priestess is an invaluable ally. Protect her and clone her if possible. Two priestesses are so much better than one as they can then heal and haste each other in addition to you and your other allies. If you get 10 or more, then they'll cast healing at each other. A goblin mystic or a unicorn will protect (or heal, for unicorns) them.

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