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Any creature that inhales confusion gas becomes confused. The confusion lasts for 25 turns, and does not stack. It comes from Potions of Confusion and Confusion Traps. The gas is particularly deadly to entities around lava and can be a major problem in cramped spaces and many monsters, especially if those monsters include your allies. Confusion may easily end your weaker and more supportive allies as your bruisers stumble into them. Confusion gas is also luminescent, and will cause a nearby player to be illuminated.


  • Trigger a Confusion Trap, shatter a Dewar, or throw a potion of this effect at or near :
    • Lava, but make sure that flames induced by monsters stumbling into lava don't burn up valuable scrolls.
      • Prevent scrolls from being burned up by making sure the confusion gas doesn't reach the scroll, and also checking for patches of grass or clouds of swamp gas that may extend to the scrolls.
    • Groups, especially ones with large differences in strength or at least ones where bumping can cause death in a few hits.
    • Jellies. It's a step down from discord, but it can work surprisingly well. You can also set the gas on fire to finish them off.
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