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A wand is a type of item that is commonly found in the dungeon. There are nine different types of wands in Brogue. Each comes with a limited number of charges and fires a bolt that affects one creature each time it is used. Reflective creatures are somewhat resistant to wands. Enchanting a wand will add or restore charges to the wand. The number of charges added depends on the type of wand. A wand considered to be powerful, such as domination, will benifit less from enchanting than a weaker variety.

Because of the danger of an unidentified wand being polymorphism and the limited number of charges, a wand should not be use-tested, but instead be a target of a scroll of identify .

Identification Strategy[]

If you're feeling lucky, there is one slightly less dangerous method of testing an unknown wand. Use the wand on a caged monster while standing in or near a sheltered position. Here are the possible outcomes on caged creatures:

Do not test wands on shackled monsters, they will be freed when polymorphed!

Test only on caged monsters!

If you've already identified polymorph, you can zap unknown wands at weak caged creatures with (near) impunity to identify them.

~ Wands ~
Goodglyph.pngDomination · Goodglyph.pngNegation · Goodglyph.pngPolymorphism · Goodglyph.pngSlowness · Goodglyph.pngTeleportation

Badglyph.pngBeckoning · Badglyph.pngInvisibility · Badglyph.pngPlenty · Badglyph.pngEmpowerment

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