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A turret is any one of a class of immobile, nonliving 'monsters' embedded in the wall of the dungeon. They are always aware of you when you are within their field of view and stealth has no effect on them (needs confirmation). There are five types of turret.

Turrets do not regenerate and all share similar characteristics (except for their payload). Any turret can be damaged by most normal means (melee, fire, lightning). Any turret can be destroyed in one shot by any Staff of Tunneling or Scroll of Shattering, but due to a known bug as of 1.6.2, they cannot be destroyed this way when embedded in the outer boundary of the dungeon or wall of vault.

While normally encountered randomdy throughout the dungeon, a turret or multiple turrets are occasionally the prime components of more complex, diabolical machines and/or traps.

As turrets are inanimate and thus immune to gases, they can be especially deadly to unaware adventurers stepping onto a paralysis trap - the turrets will have all the time in the world to assault them with their projectile of choice. Consequently, searching the area before moving to engage a turret can prove to be a sound strategy.


  • It is possible to approach turrets from angles where they can't shoot you, even if they can see you - For example, if a turret is embedded in the wall of a corridor, it won't be able to shoot at you until you're almost next to it.
  • A staff of obstruction or staff of conjuration can be used to temporarily block a turret while you approach or pass through it's line of sight.

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