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There are many different types of scrolls in Brogue. Scrolls are destroyed after being read ("applied"). Scrolls of types you have not yet identified will be described as "A scroll entitled <nonsense phrase>". Scrolls of the same type will have the same title and will stack. You can sometimes guess at the types of unidentified scrolls by how many you have found; some types, such as Scrolls of Enchantment, are more common than most.

Goodglyph Discord · Goodglyph Enchanting · Goodglyph Identify · Goodglyph Magic mapping · Goodglyph Negation · Goodglyph Protect armor
Goodglyph Protect weapon · Goodglyph Recharging · Goodglyph Remove curse · Goodglyph Sanctuary · Goodglyph Shattering · Goodglyph Teleportation
Badglyph Aggravate monsters · Badglyph Summon monsters

These scrolls are all useful in different situations, but perhaps the most important is the scroll of enchanting, which allows you to permanently upgrade your gear.

If you are reading unidentified scrolls, it is least risky to do so in the hallway of an empty low-numbered level. Aggravate Monsters and Teleportation are no danger because of the lack of monsters, and Summon Monsters creates monsters in squares adjacent to you, so a hallway reduces the number summoned. When a Potion of Detect Magic is drunk, Scrolls of Aggravate Monsters and Scrolls of Summon Monsters will be marked with a red, hollow sigil. All other types of scroll will be marked with full, blue sigils. Unidentified scrolls marked with red sigils should be (c)alled something descriptive, such as "Bad", and dropped, as they are never useful. This will mark all other scrolls of that type that you find by the same name.

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