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Rings are a type of item that grants you a passive bonus (or penalty) while equipped. You can equip two rings at the same time.

Cursed Rings[]

With 16% chance, a ring will be cursed and negatively enchanted. Negatively enchanted rings have roughly the opposite effect as a positively enchanted ring.

Rings of light, clairvoyance, and stealth automatically have their type identified when equipped. If the ring is negatively enchanted, the enchantment level will also be revealed.


Rings of the same type do stack. Two rings of regeneration +2 functions the same as a single ring of regeneration +4. Likewise, a +2 and a -2 is the same as having no rings at all.

Other games[]

Unlike some other roguelike games such as Nethack, rings in Brogue do not incur an additional nutrition cost.

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