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A potion is a consumable item that can be applied for an effect, or thrown as a weapon. Potions, like most items in Brogue, can be divided into two broad catagories, malevolent (cursed/bad) and benevolent (blessed/good). The effects of most potions are temporary. It is not possible to apply a benevolent potion upon an ally by throwing..

Once a potion is soft-identified by a potion of detect magic, it is relatively safe to use. A good potion can be safely fully identified by applcation (used on yourself). Almost all bad potions can be reliably fully identified by throwing it at a distant enemy. The minor exception to the second rule is the cursed potion of hallucination (though this is information in itself).

Because it's rarely benificial to apply a cursed potion, as an aid to the player, Brogue will prompt you for confirmation if you attempt to apply a potion known to be bad.

Potion types[]

Benevolent (when applied):

  • Life - Restores full health and permantely increases maximum health. Cures most status ailments.
  • Strength - Permanently increases you strength by one point. Cures weakness.
  • Detect Magic - Soft-IDs all inventory items. Soft-ID's and locates magic items on the current level.
  • Fire Immunity - Make you immune to fire/burning/lava, but not explosions.
  • Invisibility - Reduces you stealth radius considerably. Currently bugged in v1.7.3.
  • Levitation - Causes you to float, Useful for escaping and crossing dangerous terrains.
  • Speed - Increases your speed to twice normal, even if previously slowed.
  • Telepathy - Allows you to see the location of most enemies, and see whatever they can see.

Malevolent (when applied or thrown):

  • Caustic Gas - Produces a cloud of damaging caustic gas.
  • Paralysis - Produces a cloud of paraylsis gas.
  • Confusion - Produces a cloud of confusion gas.
  • Incineration - Bursts into cloud of flames. Sets nearby monsters and terrain on fire.
  • Descent - Instantly erodes an area of the floor. Nearby monsters/objects will fall to the next level.
  • Darkness - Produces a cloud of darkness that obscures an area of the dungeon.
  • Creeping Death - Unleashes a spreading fungus that inflicts poisoning when stepped upon.
  • Hallucination - Causes long term hallucination if applied. Does nothing if thrown.

! Potions !
Goodglyph Detect magic · Goodglyph Fire immunity · Goodglyph Invisibility · Goodglyph Levitation · Goodglyph Life · Goodglyph Speed · Goodglyph Strength · Goodglyph Telepathy

Badglyph Caustic gas · Badglyph Confusion · Badglyph Creeping death · Badglyph Darkness · Badglyph Descent · Badglyph Hallucination · Badglyph Incineration · Badglyph Paralysis

The following potions are no longer part of the game:

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