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There are many different types of items in Brogue, many of which can help you survive in the dungeons.

  • Weapons and Armor are (usually) your primary means of attack and defense. These are the only types of item that have a chance to be runic.
  • Scrolls and Potions disappear when used. Potions can be thrown. They have a variety of effects, and learning the quirks of all the different kinds will help you survive the dungeon.
  • Staves and Wands fire blasts of magical energy but have a finite number of charges. Staves recharge over time, but wands do not.
  • Charms only hold one charge, but recharge over time. Their effects tend to be less directional than staves and wands, often affecting either everything in the area, or only yourself.
  • Rings provide permanent passive bonuses (or penalties if cursed)
  • Food refills your nutrition, allowing you to delve deeper.
  • Keys grant you access to treasure hidden away.
  • Gold is the main thing to determine your Score.
  • Finally, the Amulet of Yendor allows you to win the game...

If you want to see the relative frequency of different items, check Item Generation.

It is important to note that the appearance of each type of Potion, Scroll, Staff, Wand and Ring when unidentified changes from game to game. There is no point in memorising the fact that, say, green potions are Potions of Strength in your current game, because when you start another game the appearance will have changed.

For more information on identifying items, see Item Identification.

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