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Charms are reusable magic items with a number of unique properties:

  1. Charms are always found in an identified state - with their enchantment level, type, and charge amount exposed. Despite this, they are valid targets for identification as of 1.7.2 - this is most likely a bug.
  2. Charms are always beneficial - there are no cursed charms, though a few can have unintended consequences.
  3. Charms recharge over time, like staffs. Enchanting a charm increases the magnitude of the charm's effect, and reduces the time it takes for the charm to recharge and become usable again, but does not increase the number of total uses you get out of a charm before it must be recharged. In this way you might think of a charm as a permanently 1/1 staff.
  4. Charms can also be recharged instantly, by using a scroll of recharging.
  5. The only way to speed up recharging is to wear a ring of reaping and attack with your melee weapons.
  6. Enchanting a charm will recharge it to "ready" status immediately.

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