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Bloats are flying, flitting sacs of gas that burst when they attack or are killed. The hazard they represent is largely undiminished with character development. Often, the best strategy for dealing with a bloat of any variety is to kill it from a distance.

  • Ordionary Bloats release caustic gas. This gas will kill any player who cannot escape it within it in 15 turns.
  • Explosive Bloats explode into a ball of flames. Players standing too close to the bloat at the time of it's death will lose 50% of their health due to the explosion and also be set on fire .

All bloats share these traits:

  • They die immediately if they attack you.
  • A cloud of gas is released upon their death.
  • They Fly
  • They Flit

Bloats can be negated which renders them unable to attck you directly.

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