In Brogue, you can give a name to any unidentified or partly identified object. To do so, choose “Inventory → (your object) → Call”, or press "Call" → (your object).

When the object becomes fully identified, its name disappears.

As a bug, you cannot call an unidentified ring, and can call a fully identified.

Strategy of calling Edit

  • Any weapon, armor and ring that got under scroll of remove curse should be called “SAFE”. It can bear negative enchantment, but at least you can remove it when it is detected.
  • Any scroll that is semi-detected by potion of detect magic as harmful should be called “BAD” and discarded immediately. Identical scrolls you find later in the Dungeon will be marked as “BAD” (but will not have the negative icon that detect magic shows!).
  • If you got two identical objects, tried one and got no curse, call it “OK”. Also write “OK” if the scroll of remove curse found nothing. In 1.7.2 all items from treasure rooms are also “OK”, so call an item if it isn’t intended for immediate wearing.
  • When you have discovered key potions (life, strength, detect magic) and there’s no reward room on the floor, it is usually better to throw-ID potions than to use-ID. Mark the potions as “good”, “good/hallu”, “invis/tele/hallu” etc., depending on what’s remaining. From bad effects write only hallucination, as throwing does not reveal it. Unrevealed potions will stay marked.

This article is related to version 1.7.3 and may be out of date.

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