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Welcome to the Brogue Community Wiki[]

Brogue is a Roguelike game by Brian Walker. It is available at It is a direct descendant of Rogue, unlike other popular modern roguelikes, and it favors simplicity over complexity, while trying to ensure that the interactions between components will be interesting and varied. It can be played on Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux, and it is possible to play entirely with the keyboard or entirely with the mouse or a combination of the two as the player chooses. Brogue can also be played on mobile devices running iPad OS.

Brogue can also be played online at (EU) or (NA).

The official Brogue forum is at There is a Discord channel at There is an unofficial IRC channel at QuakeNet #brogue. All welcome non-players, new players, and veterans alike. (The previous forum was at; this entire forum has disappeared and been replaced by spam, but some links may remain in the wiki)

This wiki is a collaborative guide for Brogue players. Please, add your insight!

Where to start?[]


Brogue's main menu

If you're new to Brogue, you might try the Beginner's Guide to the Early Depths. If you're slightly more advanced, you might want to see a Walkthrough. If you want to tour the dungeon with slightly less fear of death, you can try Easy Mode. If you're not sure you want to play Brogue, you can go read some Reviews of Brogue.

If you find that enemies catch your scent and never let go, you'll want to know how to get away from them.

If you want to know everything you can about the Dungeons of Doom, read up on Monsters, Mutations, Items, and Terrain Features.

If you want to play a Weekend Contest, a Midweek Contest or Sunday Seed you'll need to know about Seeding Games.

To play at a higher level, you'll want to know about Stealth, Combat, Exploiting Staircases and Character Builds.

And if you're curious about what's going on under the hood, read about Level Generation and Item Generation and Machine Rooms.

Bored of playing vanilla Brogue? Check out the many Brogue Mods available!


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Or go see a comprehensive table of monsters complete with names and stats.