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Reviews of Brogue
Source Title Date Posted Focus Version
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Have You Played... Brogue? 2015/01/23
Video Game Geek Rogue 2.0 2013/05/16
Project Failure Brogue - A Modern Rogue-Like 2013/04/16
Gamer Mode Glutton for Punishment: Brogue - This is an Easy Roguelike 2013/03/29
148 Apps Brogue offers roguelike gameplay on the iPad 2013/03/22 iPad release 1.7.2
Cult of Mac One of the Best Roguelike Games Anywhere, Comes to the iPad! 2013/03/22 iPad release 1.7.2
Touch Arcade Brogue (free roguelike) 2013/03/21 iPad release 1.7.2
Indie Statik A Roguelike Primer: Best In Genre For Neophytes & Veterans Alike 2013/03/08
PC Gamer Why I Love Drinking Random Potions and Making Monkey Friends in Brogue 2012/03/10
TIG Source Brogue 2012/01/15
Oh No! Video Games Cool Story, Brogue 2012/01/20 game design 1.6.x
Auntie Pixelante brogue 2012/01/07 elegance 1.6.x
Roguelike Radio Episode 3: Brogue 2011/09/13 1.5.x
ASCII Dreams Brogue 1.5 Released 2011/10/12 puzzles 1.5
Rogue Wombat Brogue Gets It Right 2010/03/05
Rock Paper Shotgun Potions and Pitfalls: My Year in Roguelikes 2011/12/15
Gaming for the Poor Brogue, a Roguelike I Actually Like. 2012/01/21
Zombie Apocalypse Today Introduction to the @ 2012/02/17
Porpentine Game Review: Brogue, pt. 1 2012/01/06
Porpentine Game Review: Brogue, pt. 2 2012/01/19
Waltorious Writes About Games Roguelike Highlights: Brogue 2011/10/26
Indie Games Freeware Game Pick: Brogue (Brian Walker) 2011/12/20
The Zolyx Zone Just My Tuppence: Brogue 2012/02/22
Game Design Scrapbook Roguelikes Tasting 2012/03/19
Destructoid: TheManchild's Blog 10 Crawly Reasons Not To Play Skyrim 2011/12/01
The Brogue Forum Peter Leon's Review 2012/03/23 accessibility and depth 1.6.2
Randomnine Brogue 2012/04/25 accessibility 1.6.2