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A bloodwort stalk with a single pod attached.
This spindly plant grows seed pods famous for their healing properties.

Bloodwort Stalks are an impassable terrain feature found more commonly on earlier dungeon levels. Bloodwort stalks are represented by a purple grass-like thing or a red three-pointed character. Bloodwort Stalks are almost always generated with one or more Bloodwort Pods in the adjacent cells.

Bloodwort Pods are represented by a purple (or red) asterisk. Walking into or setting a Bloodwort Pod on fire will release a cloud of non-flammable gas that will heal you and your allies but will also heal any enemies who happen be present. The coverage is roughly 8 by 8 "tiles."

The bloodwort seed pod bursts, releasing a cloud of healing spores.
Bloodwort spores, renowned for their healing properties, fill the air.

Bloodwort Pods function perfectly well as healing for the player, but their most practical function is as healing for your allies. Ogres, since they appear early and because of their slow regeneration, are often the prime beneficiary.

Bloodwort pods burn, stalks don't, and if you leave a plant alone for some time, it'll grow new pods even on scorched land.

Bloodwort pods are a good way to heal your allies. They become less common with each passing floor, so enjoy them while you can.

Bloodwort stalks and pods first appeared in version 1.7.1.

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