Brogue Wiki
Glowing runes of absorption adorn the chain mail. It will reduce the damage of inbound attack by a random amount between 0 and two which is 4% of your current maximum health. (if the chain mail is enchantented this maximum amount with increase to 3.)

Whenever you are hit by a melee or physical ranged attack, the armor of absorption will reduce the damage taken by a random amount between 0 and the effective enchantment level of the armor. This includes any enchantment bonus from excess strength. Armor of absorption is very effective against weaker creatures such as jackals and pink jellies, as even a low enchantment level will block most of their damage. It's also very useful against weak attacks with a side effect, such as dart turrets, because if the attack fails to do any damage, the additional effect won't happen either.


A cool armor… for some builds. It renders you highly resistant to weak-hitting monsters such as centaurs and furies, but you’ll need to raise it to at least +6. If you cannot, drop and forget.