Brogue Wiki

When triggered, an alarm trap sounds an alarm that echoes throughout the dungeon, drawing nearby enemies (up to 1/2 the radius of the level) to the area of the trap. In this regard, it functions much like reading a scroll of aggravate monsters, with just one key difference:

  • If an alarm trap is triggered by an ally or enemy (or by throwing an item on it) enemies will wander toward the trap location, but will not automatically switch to hunting mode.
  • If you step on the alarm trap yourself, your stealth radius will be increased, which will likely result in many enemies actively hunting you.

The alarm trap is rather unique in Brogue as it disproportionately targets the player. All other trap types are as detrimental to the enemy as they are to the player, but the alarm trap targets the player exclusively. Enemies never suffer any ill effects.

The alarm trap was introduced in Brogue 1.7.4.